Authors of these documents are experts from the members organisations of the European Contact Lens Forum. Their primary concern is the health and comfort of patients' eyes. 

Dear Eye Care Practitioner,
ye Care Professional guidance document suggests what you may wish to communicate to your patient whilst discussing contact lens wear and fitting them, to make sure that they understand the implications of wearing lenses and how best to avoid 'drop outs' and complications. You can download the form here. (2017)

Dear Eye Care Practitioner, 
Here you will be able to find a document called Contact lenses and you - Informed consent that we invite you to download and invite contact lens wearers to sign. This is a form that provide background information to contact lens wearers on contact lenses. (2017)

Dear Eye Care Practictioner, 
You will find
here a document on best practices for the selling of contact lens and lens care products. (2017)