Authors of these documents are experts from the members organisations of the European Contact Lens Forum. Their primary concern is the health and comfort of patients' eyes.

How to be a happy and successful contact lens wearer provides a list of recommendations and facts that a contact lens wearer should know and follow in order to get the most benefits out of wearing contact lenses, thus ensuring long term eye health, wearing comfort and best vision. 
The document is available here.  (2015-updated Dec. 2017)
Updated version of Today's truth about contact lenses- Dismissing the Myths provides a set of Frequently Asked Questions for Eye Care Practitioners, general practitioners and pediatricians who are not directly involved in contact lens practice. 
The document is available
here. (2015-Update Dec. 2017)
Updated version of Contact Lens, the Internet and you provides some straightforward advice you might like to consider when choosing how and where to buy your contact lenses. Document is available here.  (2015- Updated Dec 2017).

Inforgraphy 'The Internet and You ' is available here.